The Windsport Catparts Sprint 15 2006 Travellers Trophy

Windsport Catparts Sprint 15 Traveller Series
Windsport Catparts Sprint 15 Traveller Series

The Windsport Catparts Sprint 15 2006 traveller series was concluded at the Grafham event on the weekend of 21/22 October at which we had a new record entry of 46 entries. The series consisted of 7 events around the country which were at: Marconi, Rutland, Cardiff Bay, Angmering, Halifax, Carsington and Grafham and 81 boats took part with 126 total entries across the 7 events. The series was won by Bob Carter with three first places from Philip Howden (2,2,3) and Paul Smith (1,5,5). A full chart of the results is shown below.

All events were completed, generally in good weather and attendances were as follows: Marconi 19, Rutland 10, Cardiff Bay 8, Angmering 16, Halifax 12, Carsington 15, and Grafham 46.

This was the first year that the class had been sponsored by our boat and spares supplier, Windsport Catparts, and the winners of the Windsport Catpart vouchers are shown on the attached chart.

Those who won vouchers are reminded that they should spend them as discount on parts before the end of the year. The winter traveller series of one-day races has already begun and the second event is scheduled for 2 December at Beaver Sailing Club.

Overall TT Results: 1st R Carter (Grafham) 3 pts, 2nd P Howden (Grafham) 7pts, 3rd P Smith (Beaver) 10 pts, 4th G Stephen (Queen Mary) 11pts, 5th E Holmberg (Shanklin) 12pts, 6th Gordon Goldstone (Queen Mary) 16pts, 7th R Gall (Carsington) 20pts, 8thP Richardson(Marconi) 20pts.

Sport Format TT Results: 1st G Stephen (Queen Mary) 4pts R Gall (Carsington) 11pts, 2nd T Bulmer-Jones (Netley) 5pts.

Northern Champion: R Carter

Southern Champion: R Carter

Full Results Here.

Windsport Catparts Sprint 15 2006 Traveller Series Sponsorship Prizes
Voucher Winners
  £15 £10 £5  
Marconi Darren Kiggins George Stephen Nick Dewhirst By raffle ticket draw
Rutland George Stephen Trevor Bulmer-Jones Paul Smith By raffle ticket draw
Instow - Sports Nationals Dave Stanley Steve Richardson Ed Low By raffle ticket draw
Cardiff Bay Gordon Goldstone Ian James William Tusting By raffle ticket draw
Angmering Philip Howden David Murphy Gordon Goldstone By raffle ticket draw
Halifax Robin Boardman Kevin Parvin George Oxley By raffle ticket draw
Netley -  Nationals Jim Bryce Kevin Parvin John Shenton By raffle ticket draw
Carsington Erling Holmberg Bob Pearson Steve Tunnacliffe By raffle ticket draw
Grafham Peter Allsop Eamonn Quigley Mark Stokes By raffle ticket draw
  £30 £20 £10  
Traveller TT Bob Carter Philip Howden Paul Smith 1st 3 places