Cup winners

Cup winners by year

Trophies and cups

2-Up Cup Two-up National Champion
60 Plus Cup For the top placed 60-69 aged competitor at the National Championships
70 Plus Holmberg Decanter Top placed sailor older than 70 years of age. (Glass Decanter)
Chris Black Icicle Trophy Winner of Grafham March Winter Icicle Event. Trophy donated by Judith Black in memory of Chris.
Dart 15 Travellers Trophy (large) Overall Traveller Champion (handicap)
Dart 15 Travellers Trophy (small) Standard mode Traveller Champion
Dewhirst Cup Winner of Winter Series - overall replaced Winter Series Tankard & lid
Dewhirst Trophy - Spark Shield National Champion. The Dewhirst Trophy was donated by Sissy Dewhirst in memory of Nick and replaced the Spark Shield in 2014
Eric Worby 50 plus Trophy For the top placed 50-59 aged competitor at the National Championships
European Winners Trophy Top Sprint 15 at Carnac
Frank Sandells Pro Am Cup Cup Held by Amateur. (Pro is listed as crew). New in 2005 Cup donated by Kirsty Fletcher to celebrate Frank's 50th birthday.
Graffiti Cup National Championship race 7
Grafham Cat Open Trophy First Place at the Grafham Cat Open
Grafham Perpetual Tankard National Championship race 6 to 2007 when replaced by Stiletto Cup
Grafham Youth Trophy First placed under 18 at the Grafham Cat Open
Holmberg Youth Trophy Top under 18 at National Championships. Donated by Howard Hawkes in memory of Erling 2019 Replaces the (lost) Youth Cup.
Inland Champion Glass Bowl
Inland standard mode Champion Cup No longer awarded as lost
Isolan Long Distance Cup Tankard
Isolan Sprint Cup Tankard - TT Sport ( ex Sprint) mode Champion
Isolan Sprint Trophy National Sprint Champion
Jimmy Johnson Sports Master Champion Sports champion for 60 and over
Ladies Champion's Cup Top Female at Sprint 15 National Championship
Longstaff Tankard First Grafham member at Grafham Cat Open
Megastar Heavyweight Champion Cup Heavyweight Trophy replaced Pewter Hip Flask in 2003
Northern Area Champion Trophy / Cup Glass trophy replaced the old cup in 2006
OTT Plaque Over the Top action
Paul Smith Perseverance Trophy For lowest placed competitor who completed all the races at the National Championships. A model of the Beaver Club House donated by Carol Smith in memory of Paul.
Pentewan Plaque National Championship race 1
Peter Mayne Plaque Major Service to the Fleet
Phil Breeze Cartoon Runner up at Sprint 15 Sport Nationals
Phil Breeze picture National Championship runner-up
Race 8 Cup Winner of Race 8 at National Championships
Race 9 Cup Winner of Race 9 at National Championships
Sandwich Bay Cup Southern Champion
Sea Dog Cup National Championship race 3
Seasalter Cup Single Handed National Champion
Sheperd's Trophy National Championship race 4
Spark National Shield National Championship race 2
Sport Mode 50+ Sport Mode 50+
Sport Mode Heavyweight Champion Sport Mode Heavyweight Champion
Sport Mode Lady Champion Sport Mode Lady Champion
Sport Mode Pro-Am Cup Held by the Amateur at the Sprint 15 Sport (Dart 15 Sprint) Championships
Sport Mode Team Sport Mode Team
Sport Mode Youth Cup Top placed under 18 at Sport Nationals - donated by Simon Giles
Sprint National Champion Cup National Sprint Champion
Stiletto Cup National Championship race 6. Replaced Grafham Perpetual Tankard in 2008
Summer Traveller Team Trophy Top placed Club Team (of 3) in the Summer Traveller
Team Shield Winning Team at Sprint 15 National Championships
Techno Trophy National Championship race 5
Wendy House Handicap Trophy Most Improved (at Nationals)
z) Lucky Horseshoe Charmed Competitor - now lost.
z) Pewter Hip Flask Heavyweight helm - replaced by Megastar Heavyweight Champion Cup in 2003
z) Race 8 Dewhirst Cup National Championship race 8 no longer awarded. Cup reused.
z) Silver Tray Inland Champion Sport (ex Sprint) mode No longer awarded - lost
z) Winter Series Tankard Tankard & Lid affectionately known as The Urn - now replaced by Dewhirst Cup
z) Youth Cup Top placed under 18 at Nationals - donated by Steve Hanby. Cup lost but replaced by Holmberg Youth Trophy
z) Cat Clinic Pro Am Cup Cup Held by Amateur. (Pro is listed as crew) Replaced in 2005 with Frank Sandells Pro Am Cup