Windsport Website:
Windsport International, Churchtown Farm, Mylor Harbour, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 5UF
Tel: 01326 376191 Fax: 01326 376192
Contact: Brian Phipps / Cookie Phipps Email:

The Sprint 15 catamaran is sold in the U.K. through Windsport who are the official and appointed suppliers of Sprint 15 new boats and all class legal replacement parts to owners of Sprint 15 (formally known as the Dart15 and Spark catamarans).

Brian Phipps is very well known and respected within the Cat sailing fraternity for his work with catamaran production, catamaran coaching and the development of young sailors to catamarans programs.

In the early 70ís / 80ís he was also involved, alongside Ian Fraser and Panthercraft, the original manufactures, in the development of Dart products, laminating hulls, assembling parts at a time when everything was done on site. Things have changed over time but some of those aspects were well tested and have been reintroduced into the service and support the Windsport team now offer. You are welcome to contact Brian Phipps and his team on any aspect of Sprint 15 sailing, technical boat advice or Sprint 15 catamaran sailing techniques.

You can order all parts for your Sprint15 on-line at . The Windsport telephone line is always open and the Windsport race support team attend numerous Sprint 15 events with their events trailer and support workshop. Working with the Sprint 15 class association Windsport continues to deliver class legal replacement parts that meet the production one design aspects of the Sprint15 which has made it so successful as a class.

Steve Sawford Marine Website:
Lime Grove, 1 Main Street, Loddington, Kettering, Northants NN14 1LA
Tel:01536 330477 Fax: 01536 511994
Contact: Steve Sawford Email:
SSM provides a repair and renovation service, particularly to GRP Catamarans such as the Dart 15. All types of repairs can be undertaken, including chips, starcrazing, skeg wear, joints and seams, minor and major impact damage. Repairs to sails and trampolines can also be organised.

Steve Sawford, Managing Director of SS Marine Ltd, is himself a committed Dart 15 sailor with 10 years sailing experience. Anyone in the Dart 15 fleet will know how competitive Tiger Shark, his eight year old boat, is - evidence enough of Steve's skills in race tuning the Dart 15.


Spencer Rigging Ltd Website:
Empire Buildings, St. Mary's Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight PO31 7SX
Tel: 01983 292022 and 292144
Contact: Ben Bradley
Spencer rigging can supply replacement rigging for Dart 15's - their white PVC covered shrouds have proved very popular, especially with those who like to keep their sails clean!

From their website:

The company is equipped in every way to specify and manufacture rigging for the smallest sailing dinghy or the world's largest sailing vessels. Whether the yacht is a modern racing machine using rod rigging and high tech ropes or a vintage gaff cutter fitted with deadeyes and lanyards, Spencers have the necessary stock, machinery and skilled workforce to undertake whatever specification is required. This activity can be carried out internationally with their rigging personnel in many foreign countries. Spencers retain records of the rigging specifications supplied to all the yachts they have worked on, enabling them to supply replacement items. When required, these items can be despatched to anywhere in the world. The rigging lofts contain large stocks of wires, ropes, and associated chandlery and also serve as retail outlets.

W. H. Insurance Consultants Website:
PO BOX 738, Portsmouth, PO1 9AY
Tel: 02392 754000 Fax: 02392 710007
Contact: David Lloyd Email:

Sprint 15 Association members get a £25 discount off their insurance premium with this company.