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Windsport Sprint 15 Spring Action

Hi Sprint 15 sailors, families and support teams,

New Boats

One year on and we are almost there, no one said it would be easy (they were not joking) but with a order now in place with Collins we can look forward to the arrival of an injection of new boats. South Africa may be straight up and down time zone wise but it still takes an awful lot of emails, pictures and phone calls to sort out the details!


While all that has been taking place we have been cleaning up our act here. You can now order most parts for your boat on line at we will keep adding to it and when you cannot find a part let me know and I will get it added. There will soon be a search option on the website that should allow you to search by, word, Dart number, Laser number or Windsport stock number so if that does not confuse you what will. Having said all that we are very happy to talk to you over the phone or if you are passing drop in, Mylor is on the way through to every where!


The Windsport Covers story is almost complete, the dinghy park cover is already available, good material, well cut, with a few nice features. The hull towing covers, which will fit the boat made up or broken down, are just around the corner, I was hoping to get them for the dinghy show but just missed that deadline. The mast socks are on line, ready to keep all that road dirt off your mast and wires when towing. Rudder covers are the well padded type ready to go.

Dinghy Show

Thanks to your well organised Class team the dinghy show is about to take place, the boat on the stand will have all the "Out of Africa" special edition graphics, with the blue trim sails etc. I will be finding my way to the show on Sunday so may see some of you their.


I am planning to attend a few more of the events this year starting with the Sport Nationals, North Devon. With the other coaching work I do it is hard to find a free weekend but when possible and the event is in fighting distance of Mylor I will make my best effort.

Spares Stock

The spares stock had a habit of feast or famine at some points in the last year. It is really hard stocking all those less popular parts that no one wants until they need them and when they do they need them like yesterday but I like to think we are getting there. As you get more comfortable with us and we get to know your needs I like to think the stock will get be larger and the turnover quicker, I guess we can both help there.

Visit Windsport

Windsport at Mylor, if you have not visited the area yet it is tucked away down a country road that leads to the local Harbour and onto the beach. We have a great sailing area with loads of places to sail and explore and is the home of the original Spark. The Windsport sailing facility has boat and car parking, launch area for all states of the tide, and camping so if you are thinking of having a few days away and want a great place to sail give us a call and book your boat in, we can help with local B&B accommodation as well.

We wish every Sprint 15 sailor a great 2006 sailing season and thank you for being so patient and pro-active in attracting new faces to the class and the fleet we hope this year is a major step forward for all of us

Brian Phipps
Windsport International