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181) Event News: TT at Grafham Water Sailing Club - Race Report
(Article Published: 22nd March 2011 at 14:34 pm)

On Sunday 20 March the final event of the Sprint 15 fleet winter series was held at Grafham. 12 visitors joined 11 sailors from the home club on a pleasant spring day with a force 2 to 3 South West breeze. The Race Officer, Ian Paterson, set a large rectangular course which gave the fleet some tight reaches as well as a true run to test their mettle. more..

182) Event News: TT at Queen Mary Sailing Club - Race Report
(Article Published: 22nd February 2011 at 11:57 am)

On Saturday February 19th the Sprint 15 fleet visited Queen Mary for the fourth event of their Winter Series. The weather on the day was distinctly chilly and overcast and to cap it off, a light drizzle was falling. Despite the conditions, the Sprint 15 Winter series competitors again turned out in force with a strong entry of 18 boats. more..

183) Event News: TT at Carsington Sailing Club - Race Report
(Article Published: 7th February 2011 at 12:34 pm)

My sincere thanks to all those travellers that arrived at Carsington this morning in the hope of competing in the third round of the Winter TT series. more..

184) Event News: TT at Draycote Water Sailing Club - Race Report
(Article Published: 12th January 2011 at 16:02 pm)

13 visiting boats joined 6 home boats on Saturday 8th January to form a 19 strong fleet at the 2011 Draycote Water Winter TT. more..

185) Website News: Forum Software Updated (Article Published: 5th January 2011 at 15:59 pm)

The forum software has been updated to the latest release. This update adds new features such as avatar images (upto a 120x120 but less than 10kb in size), better stats, messaging and searching. There are other benefits from an admin point of view too. There are some differences to the user interface but you should be familiar with the core of it. If you have forgotten your password then click the "I forgot my password" link after clicking login. Martin Searle, Webmaster more..

186) Event News: TT at Stewartby Water Sports Club - Race Report
(Article Published: 8th November 2010 at 14:18 pm)

November 6th: A bright autumnal Saturday greeted 23 helms at the first of the Sprint 15 Winter TT events at Stewartby Water Sports Club in Bedfordshire. With 8 boats from the home fleet and 15 visitors, all that was needed was the breeze to hold up. more..

187) Website News: Bugs Fixed (Article Published: 4th November 2010 at 15:04 pm)

Various small bugs fixed in the content management system. more..

188) Event News: The Windsport Catparts Sprint 15 Traveller Series Summer 2010 Series - End of Series Report
(Article Published: 4th November 2010 at 14:29 pm)

The Windsport Catparts Traveller Series for 2010 was won by Kevin Dutch who beat Erling Holmberg in a nail biting finish. Holmberg won the standard format series as Dutch had sailed some of his events in Sport mode, but no one completed enough events in Sport mode to qualify for the Sport Mode traveller trophy. The Queen Mary duo of Gordon Goldstone and George Stephen took third and fourth respectively with Nick Dewhirst fifth and Eamonn browne sixth. more..

189) Event News: The Windsport Catparts Sprint 15 Traveller Series TT at Grafham Water Sailing Club - Race Report
(Article Published: 4th November 2010 at 14:27 pm)

The last regatta of the Windsport Catparts Sprint 15 Summer traveller series was held at Grafham Water Sailing Club on the weekend of 16-17 October, which was also the Inland Championships. There were 30 entries including two who were trying out the DX sails, but could not qualify for the prizes as the sail has not been adopted by the class. This once again made the Sprint 15s the biggest fleet at the Grafham Cat Open.more..

190) General News: Class Rules updated (Article Published: 27th October 2010 at 14:59 pm)

The class rules have been updated, please read. more..