Windsport Catparts 2012 Results


The results presented below are provisional and should just be taken as a guide to your current placing

PAR Scores: Are a unique concept in the Sprint 15 fleet. These are lower than the usual DNC (series entrants + 1) for the series and are currently assigned by the Events Secretary, however a means of calculating PAR is being worked on, the proposed formula is: max number of entrants in the largest event + 5. For Handicap points the PAR of the UNA format is used regardless of the mode sailed. Sport mode fleet points have their own PAR score the current PAR used by the system are displayed below, these have been automatically calculated for the series using the above formula

-PAR Score for this Handicap Series is: 38 pts
Competitors Qualified for the Series - Prizes are only awarded to Qualified Competitors
Number of Events To Qualify: 3
Competitors with a Tie Break

RYA\ISAF Rules A8.1 & 2 are being used for tiebreaks

Ties Broken by A8.1 are indicated by ¹
Ties Broken by A8.2 are indicated by ²

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Handicap results
CompetitorsEventBest 3 Results
NameClubSailSeasalter Sailing Club TTStewartby Water Sports Club TTMarconi Sailing Club TTCarsington Sailing Club TTGrafham Water Sailing Club TTPointsPlace
Stuart SnellGrafham Water Sailing Club19821-21131
Kevin DutchSeasalter Sailing Club1938329-611 2 ¹
Erling HolmbergShanklin Sailing Club200724-8511 3 ¹
Simon MilesStewartby Water Sports Club1827-7-48194
Paul CraftWorthing Sailing Club1267596-12205
Nick DewhirstWhitstable Yacht Club20068-3-15266
Gordon GoldstoneQueen Mary Sailing Club200410-89-277
Jon FinchStewartby Water Sports Club1890-1112514288
Robert FinchStewartby Water Sports Club1838-55-26369
James HurstGrafham Water Sailing Club5651416-10-4010
Gary BurrowsThorpe Bay Yacht Club1871121516-184311
Neil ParkhurstBeaver Sailing Club1761---244412
Howard HawkesSnettisham Beach SC1643-6--115513
Roger AckroydWitham Sailing Club17154---165814
Kevin KirbyMarconi Sailing Club1966--1-226115
Ian ParkhurstBeaver Sailing Club1293---32162 16 ¹
George LoveCarsington Sailing Club1825---71762 17 ¹
Stewart PegumOxford Sailing Club1918-1217--67 18 ¹
Andy BunyanStewartby Water Sports Club12892119--2767 19 ¹
Steve HealyThorpe Bay Yacht Club1391--21-96820
Peter RichardsonMarconi Sailing Club1983--13-207121
Clive LathamOxford Sailing Club1841-1718--7322
George WoodGrafham Water Sailing Club908,1908---11257423
Liam ThomShanklin Sailing Club554-10--287624
Steve SawfordRutland Water Sailing Club1733-1---7725
Robin BoardmanHalifax Sailing Club1953----27826
Thomas SandalGrafham Water Sailing Club1957----379 27 ²
Richard PhilpottColne Yacht Club1988-3---79 28 ²
David BallMarconi Sailing Club1923--4--8029
Andrew McLeishCarsington Sailing Club733---6-82 30 ²
John HolmesSeasalter Sailing Club19786----82 31 ²
Simon GilesShanklin Sailing Club1944----783 32 ²
Kevin DowleyMarconi Sailing Club1965--7--83 33 ²
Dave TurnbullSeasalter Sailing Club12597----83 34 ²
Mark NormanStewartby Water Sports Club1431-8---8435
Mark HollisSeasalter Sailing Club1919----8536
Simon FarthingGrafham Water Sailing Club1898----1086 37 ²
Jenny BallMarconi Sailing Club1917--10--86 38 ²
Paul HarrisonMarconi Sailing Club1298--11--87 39 ²
Mark DowlingSeasalter Sailing Club159911----87 40 ²
Simon HareOxford Sailing Club197018---3187 41 ¹
Philip WarnerDraycote Water Sailing Club1756---12-8842
Chris BlackGrafham Water Sailing Club2005----1389 43 ²
Robert EnglandRYA1351-13---89 44 ²
Ian MillsSeasalter Sailing Club163413----89 45 ²
Keith ChidwickQueen Mary Sailing Club1840--14--90 46 ²
George StephenQueen Mary Sailing Club1594-14---90 47 ²
Nick HillmanMarconi Sailing Club864--15--91 48 ²
John LongSeasalter Sailing Club113315----91 49 ²
Martin SearleSeasalter Sailing Club133116----9250
Eric SalesSeasalter Sailing Club186817----93 51 ¹
Jon PearseMarconi Sailing Club1339--22-3393 52 ¹
Marcus FinchStewartby Water Sports Club13-18---9453
David GroomChristchurch Sailing Club1714----1995 54 ²
Nick MillerMarconi Sailing Club1115--19--95 55 ²
Rob SmithSeasalter Sailing Club85719----95 56 ²
Dave ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club1081--20--96 57 ²
Harry JanesStewartby Water Sports Club527-20---96 58 ²
John BainbridgeSeasalter Sailing Club74720----96 59 ²
Karl PountneyStewartby Water Sports Club1494-21---9760
Chris ClarkeStewartby Water Sports Club327-22---98 61 ²
Derek DarleyIsle of Sheppy Sailing Club199122----98 62 ²
Rob BeeversBeaver Sailing Club1928----2399 63 ²
Fenella MillerMarconi Sailing Club1579--23--99 64 ²
John ManningBeaver Sailing Club1955----2410065
Rob BaileyThorpe Bay Yacht Club1755----2910566
Andrew ClarkeGrafham Water Sailing Club1522----3010667
Penny WilliamsonGrafham Water Sailing Club1475----3210868