Sprint 15 Winter 2006/2007 Events Results

The Sprint 15 winter traveller series was concluded at Grafham on Sunday 11 March. All 5 events were sailed and 51 sailors took part and 9 qualified with 3 races completed. The events (and attendances) were at Stewartby (15), Beaver (16), Draycote (18), Queen Mary (13) and Grafham (25) in a variety of wind conditions. Queen Mary was a drifter, Stewartby was sailed in light winds (F2), Beaver was a little more testing with some tricky gusts (F2-3) Grafham was sailed in F3-5 with strong gusts and Draycote was sailed in survival conditions (5-7) and only half the competitors went out in the second race.

No one won 2 events so we had 5 different event winners each from a different Club. George Stephen from Queen Mary won Stewartby, John Postlethwaite of Beaver won on home territory, Charles Watson of Halifax won at Draycote, Howard Hawkes of Thorpe Bay won at Queen Mary and Stuart Snell of Grafham won at Grafham

It was a very tight finish in the series between Steve Sawford (2,2,3) and Charles Watson (1,2,5). Sawford did not attend the last event at Grafham but Watson (the clear favourite) threw it all away with his swim in the last race at Grafham. So Sawford took the Travellers Trophy (affectionately called “The Urn”) in absentia.

Overall Results: 1st S Sawford 7 pts, 2nd C Watson (Halifax) 8 pts, 3rd P Tanner (Shanklin) 9pts , 4th R Carter (Grafham) 12pts, 5th G Stephen (Queen Mary) 15pts 6th H Hawkes (Thorpe Bay) 16pts.

CompetitorsEventBest 3 Results
NameSailStewartbyBeaverDraycoteQueen MaryGrafhamPointsPlace
Steve Sawford17332523-71
Charles Watson1237-21-582
Paul Tanner199161242393
Bob Carter2002363-10124
George Stephen15941913519155
Howard Hawkes1643510-112166
Erling Holmberg195987864177
Gordon Goldstone2004--10117288
Paul Smith196144---389
Mike Loxley168315-1312164010
Chris Black2005--9-24111
Ed Tuite-Dalton1940--11-135412
Keith Chidwick1840---8175513
Stewart Pegham1918---7215814
John Morrall1879-8--205815
John Postlethwaite1761-1---6116=
Stuart Snell1982----16116=
Phillip Howden2003-13--186116=
Matthew Smith1900-3---6319
Paul Craft1977---4-6420
Bob Rowntree1958--5--6521
Matt Isherwood1344--6--6622=
Andrew Chidwick1946----66622=
Graham Shrimpton15957----6724=
Jan Elfring1913--7--6724=
Steve Wakelam14799----6926=
Nick Thorpe-Beeson1441---9-6926=
Frank Sandells1762----96926=
Keith Bartlett196210----7029=
David Casale1963---10-7029=
Mark Rushton153011----7131=
Paul Roberts1054-11---7131=
Thomas Sandal1957----117131=
Robin Hall129212----7234=
Robert England1351--12--7234=
Dave Smith184113----7336=
Jeremy Doughty1627--13--7336=
Malcolm Lewin1744--13--7336=
Jon Stone1839--13--7336=
Jim Bryce1811--13--7336=
Ian Curd1249---13-7336=
Tony Skinner52714----7442=
Steve Roberts1910-14---7442=
Eamonn Quigley1715----147442=
Barrie Hoggard1815-15---7545=
John Keyte1805----157545=
Adrian Holland1874-16---7647
Steve Petts1934----228248
Mark Stokes1979----238349
Simon Farthing1898----248450
Alain Vuylsteke1930----258551

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