Southern Championships, Swanage Sailing Club 1-2 May 2004

The dreary forecasts of strong north easterlies with plenty of rain, in the preceeding week, did not bode well for the event as the east facing Swanage shoreline can make launch and recovery a nightmare. However, come the day, 11 visitors and 5 home club members took to the water in almost no wind and Race 1 was a slow drift around the bay. With very little chance of more wind in the 2nd race, and with boredom setting in, Swanage played their trump card by arranging for a pod of 10 Dolphins to come and play with the fleet. They stayed for around 30 minutes until all the competitors were totally distracted but enthralled by the experience.

Sunday was a bright and sunny day with the first race being a test of reading tides and wind shifts in the light force 1-2 airs. After a short break for lunch, the last race was fought out in brilliant sunshine and a nice steady breeze. The only upset was an injury to local competitor Henry Clark following a collision just before the start. He was whisked off smartly by the safety crews and then to hospital for a few stitches. We are happy to report he is OK but a bit sore.

The last race results reflected the final positions in the series with George Carter, followed by Mike Cemm, sprinting just ahead of Bob Carter sailing standard rig. So, on handicap, the final results were:

Overall Results
1st George Carter Grafham
2nd Bob Carter Grafham
3rd Mike Cemm Swanage
4th Jeremy White Emsworth
5th Erling Holmberg Shanklin
6th Steve Cole Gurnard
7th Steve & David Littlejohns Swanage (1st 2up boat)

For the full results, see the series results tables.

Martin Hamlyn