Dart 15 Winter 2001/2002 Events Results

The Dart 15 winter traveller series was concluded at Grafham on Sunday 10 March. All 5 events were sailed, but some severe weather was experienced and both Grafham and Rutland were confined to single races with many retirements. The events were at Stewartby, Beaver, Rutland, Queen Mary and Grafham. A total of 30 sailors took part but only 7 qualified with results in 3 or more regattas the low number was on account of the heavy winds for the second part of the series spoiling many-a campaign.

CompetitorsEventBest 3 Results
NameSailStewartbyBeaverRutlandQueen MaryGrafhamPointsPlace
George Carter1818--11131
Stuart Snell18965122252
Bob Carter1945243(=)3883
Steve Sawford173362--4124
Gordon Goldstone191814-3(=)57155
Chris Black19423-3(=)-9(=)166
Phillip Howden19398--49(=)217
Steve Hanby186945---298
Paul Craft1325---73309
Paul Smith1900110---3110
Nick Dewhirst1821---663211
Barrie Hoggard1815-7--53212
Mark Aldridge1930--3(=)-9(=)3213
Alan Welman192210---9(=)3914
Ron Sawford1784911---4015
John Postlethwaite1769-3---4316
Henry & Oliver Clark1911158---4317
Elliot Gill15431312---4518
Austin Flather1808-6---4619
Robin Hall12927----4720
Keith Chidwick1840---8-4821
Richard Hanby1451-9---4922
Keith Ball1937----9(=)4923(=)
Jonathan Perkins1938----9(=)4923(=)
Graham Shrimpton159511----5125
Steve Waklam147912----5226
Ian Smith1955-13---5327
Neil Rushdon128916----5628
Mark Rushdon153017----5729
Simon Scott182118----5830

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